Many investors currently need alternative sources of income -- this demand can be met by utilizing a very well accepted and traditional options strategy.

440 helps generate income by running a covered call strategy on one or many equity holdings. Covered call strategies are simple in concept, but can be difficult to efficiently overlay on a large number of accounts. The 440 team has extensive experience overlaying its covered call strategies for registered investment advisory firms – striving to efficiently enhance the income stream for end clients.

The 440 covered call solution provides:

  • Easy implementation on one or many equity positions
  • A conservative approach designed to maximize total return by allowing as much equity upside as possible (writing calls further out-of-the-money)
  • Framework to easily customize for very large, concentrated equity positions
  • Tax management for low basis positions, and methods to preserve low basis positions, rather than letting them be called away
  • Management of a strategy to reduce large concentrated positions over time
  • A simple, low-cost fee structure

Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that the strategy will meet its investment objectives. This should not be deemed an offer to invest in the strategy. An investment in the 440 Covered Call Write strategy contains risks. Options on securities may be subject to greater fluctuations in value than investing in the underlying securities. Purchasing and writing put or call options are highly specialized activities and involve greater investment risk. The writer of a covered call forgoes the opportunity to benefit from an increase in the value of the underlying interest above the option price, but continues to bear the risk of a decline in the value of the underlying interest. Please also consult your tax advisor for tax implications.